Coming soon! in the OXID eSales backend embeds itself seamlessly into the OXID eSales backend.

After installing and configuring the plugin, MailBeez is seamlessly embedded in the OXID eSales backend.

The system can be accessed at any time via the menu item Marketing > MailBeez without having to switch to an external website.


The following campaign modules are currently available for OXID eSales in

According to the concept of MailBeez, all emails can be enriched with powerful content elements, e.g .:

  • Live Content
    Personalized product recommendations such as New products, also purchased products
  • Product Hero
    Assistant for inserting product display including image processing

Technical details

No slowdown of the OXID eSales backend

The MailBeez API and the OXID eSales Connector were developed from the ground up according to the following principles:

  • No or the least possible impairment of the working speed in the backend, as e.g. would happen when editing events synchronously
  • Align changes to customer or order data as quickly as possible

To achieve this, all data synchronization processes are processed asynchronously and fast delta synchronizations are carried out for the relevant data.

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