Public Beta

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After an extensive and successful "Closed Beta phase" with some Shopware pilot customers, we are pleased to start the open beta phase.

What does "Open Beta" mean

In the "Closed Beta" we invited some selected retailers to test the system on Shopware together with us. This phase could be "bumpy" at times, but was successfully completed without major problems.

We are therefore pleased to officially offer the system with the "open beta" - however access is only possible after prior agreement.

Who can participate?

Anyone who would like to use and does not mind that there are still quirks and gaps.

It is important to have a positive attitude and, of course, an interest in discovering the potential of

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Everything is free, isn't it?

No, unfortunately not. As a beta customer, however, you get our full attention without charge;)

We want to make sure that is a complete success for you too - everything else would not be acceptable.

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